Blood Lust

Now that the beast had tasted human blood, the village elders warned of the grizzly events that were soon to follow.

19 thoughts on “Blood Lust”

      1. Oh no! And their little kitten teeth are like needles…though having said that, I have the most “delightful” adult bite marks on my hand from the other day when Oscar decided that it would be a great idea for us to engage in some rough play. I disagreed. As usual he ignored me! Lol. Just as well they’re cute, eh?

      2. Oh Ouch! Sometimes I just ask for it. My big black Ink was asleep on my desk, on his back, thinking up another post for me. I couldn’t resist tickling his tummy. 1/2 a dozen scratch marks later…Tee Hee.

    1. Yes they all have names! Except a few of the kittens that we are still trying to figure out. Its funny you ask, I have been toying with the idea of doing a glossary of each of the cats. Maybe something to do this afternoon as we got more snow this morning! 🙂

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