“I find slamming Ctrl-Alt-Del repeatedly in a frenzied manner, very stress relieving. Oh…is that thing in your neck supposed to do that?”

19 thoughts on “Ctrl-Alt-Paw”

  1. 20 pound coon cat walked over my keyboard when I was watching a video. Somehow, he managed to make it so that a countdown begins 2 inches tall in the upper left corner. I still can’t figure out how he did it or how to get rid of it.

  2. MOL! I like to roll myself in mom’s arms and put my paws where she is trying to type and see what that does to the laptop’s keys, scroll, etc…… very entertaining the words mom says, don’t think they are made to be published….hehehe

  3. I had to take a second look at this cat as it looked a bit like mine, but the ears are too long, and they eyes are not beady enough. The PC desk is a favorite place to get attention fast, if someone is sitting there. For a long time, my tongue was out on my profile picture as well. It finally dried out! have a good weekend.

  4. Haha .. Love all your pics and your blog . It took me 2 years to find ctl.alt.delete. But only moments for the cats of the Gully Gang . My eye twitches every time I see one entering the room .. :o)

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