The New Club House


“OK guys, first rule of the new club is, “NO girls allowed”.
“But I’m a girl!”
“Oh…OK. How about “NO dogs allowed”?
“Yes! No dogs allowed”. “Yes, Cheers!”

15 thoughts on “The New Club House”

  1. this is so very much cats and kids. I get the $150 cat condo and the empty shopping bag, or my jeans (that’s another story – I have one very weird cat) are the toys of choice!

  2. Yep, cats and boxes. We’re just now starting to bring in the boxes to pack for our move. Callie’s “inspecting” them to make sure they are okay to use. Bob said to be sure to check boxes for the cat before I tape them shut. 🙂

  3. I got my cats a Cat Playhouse Tank once, they were interested for about 10 mins 🐱 Thanks for inspiring me to write about it… I know I liked it more then they did 😆

    1. Your welcome! I laugh every time I’m in the pet store and see someone buying one of those cat toys. Since our move last fall, I still have a box in every room. Its so much fun. 🙂

      1. Unlike you happen to have those strange cats that do not like boxes … I have two of those. Card board scratching device is ok – for one of my two – but boxes? The two could not be less interested … But give them the cord tied around those – and all hell breaks loose.

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