Look Deep

“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

16 thoughts on “Look Deep”

  1. I wish Mr. Enstein were here to explain time to me. When I look into the sky, I am looking back in time, and yet I am present.

    Dang, I’m confused.

    Can I have this cat? He will accept my limited knowledge of the, Space and Time Continuum. Cats are like that. With nine lives they have the patience of a saint. It’s possible they travel thru several universes within each lifetime.


    (Great photo!)

      1. Now you understand why animals are my best friends. When I raise my hand in class and ask questions, there are no snickers from the class. All I hear is purring and mewing.
        Yes, we felines were not meant to understand infinity. Our job is to frolic and entertain for those who do, we take the edge off.

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