Bliss Factor

The ‘Bliss factor” of a good “Skritch” is directly related to the length and sharpness of the nails being used.

41 thoughts on “Bliss Factor”

    1. I think DustBunny had his brains taken out when he was very young (about 6 to 8 months) – and is quite used to it. Oh, you were talking about the grey matter? But you know, DustBunny is male … or – was – now he is more of “maleish”.

      1. Ugh. Ever since I got nauseous watching a Youtube video of that operation, I just don’t like joking about it. Let’s talk about lobotomies instead?

      2. I got both – and my tom is a little older, going to be 10 in May, the female will be 6 in August. The female is either more stubborn – or less intelligent than my tom. Have not yet been able to decide that.

      3. Only have had one cat in my life. I thought she wasn’t the brightest, but then I realized that everything she does is motivated by food, and she’s extremely crafty about it. So it’s just where she chooses to focus her brain cells. Perhaps yours is the same. Anyway, bedtime for us 🙂

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