Mime in Training

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31 thoughts on “Mime in Training”

  1. Lol. I didn’t even notice it was a screen. Yeah, cats and screen (or drapes) are never a good mix. At least not from a human point of view. They are perfect kitty jungle gyms though!

    A few questions now… Is little guy (girl?) in the pic the same one as Tongue Kitty? And how did you capture that image? Was kitty mid-sneeze or up-chuck? Either way, I hope you got that close-up with a zoom feature on your camera… :0 😉

    1. Hi, the ‘tongue’ kitty is Dust Bunny, from yesterdays post “The Ravages of Sanity” The shot is 3 years old when he was a kitten. Its in mid yawn. My camera was about two feet away. (Or he was sticking his tongue out at me, not sure) He has been my avatar ever since.
      As a matter of fact, he is so popular that the picture is with an artist friend of mine, being retouched and I will be launching a series of T-shirts with him.

      The kitten in the Mime picture is Hairy Potter. She has a lighting bolt on her forehead! You can see it best in, I think #8 of the Joe Kitty series I ran a few days ago.

      Thanks for your questions. It helps a lot. I take for granted that after over 800 posts not everyone knows a lot of the stories. 🙂

      1. Goodness, he certainly grew up to be a big boy! Handsome and dignified, of course.

        Dusty Bunny though? Okay, ’tis true the persian mixes are a more likey to acquire a few cling-ons…okay, you could use one as a mop, but still, what an undignified name for such a stately looking feline. Hmph!

        I shall corriect this grave error in judgement and dub him SIR Dust Bunny! Or Sir Bugs for short. 🙂

        We had a grey/persian/siamese/tabby mix for 14 years. He was drop dead gorgeous and people often thought he was some kind of exotic breed. He loved cuddling, his best friend was our lab (previous one) and oh so adorable.

        Nature does have a way of evening the odds though… He was also dumber than a bag of rocks! He didn’t personally believe in personal hygiene – against his relgion I think. 🙂 But, he had a dignifed name – Riker – from Star Trek. (Don’t look at me that way. At least we did name him after vacuum food.) Riker was dignified and got all ladies on Star Trek. (Our Riker was very forward thinking too. He was literally *in love* with my husband. He was definitely out of the closet.)

        Seriously though, if my questions are annoying, please do let me know. I’m still industiously digging through your site. 🙂

      2. 😉 No I love your questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask. If your going through my site you will come across a few shots of D. Bunny’s tail. One look and you will understand his name. When he comes in from outside, it looks like he deforested an acre! He is awfully cute, but a true ladies man. He will sleep with either my wife or daughter. I am just the feeding machine. 🙂

      3. Feeding machine is an important job! It’s right up there with litterbox cleaning. 😉

        And yup, I remember those long furred days all too well. It’s truly amazing what treasures would stick in Riker’s fur. Life got so much less gross after we made him and Sheera indoor only kitty’s. No more slugs or earthworms from his napping in the neighbours garden. No more baby pine cones and twigs all tangled up.

        Though we did still have that issue with his nether region cling-ons. Solved that one by giving him weekly butt trims with electric clippers. Bald kitty bums are way better than tootsie rolls on your pillow! 🙂

        Thanks for clarifying about my questions. You just have so many adorable kitties, I have discover them all!

        Speaking of which, do you mind if I ask how the heck you ended up with so many? Do you just end up taking in local strays and/or unwanted pets? I’m guessing too, that you and your family are rather well known in your area as the place to bring homeless cats to? That used to happen in my family when I grew up. We couldn’t afford any more, having quite the zoo ourselves, but people knew we also didn’t want to see unwanted dogs and cats abandoned or put down. Or worse, abused by the local thugs.

        My parents nursed and rehomed dozens of furballs. I’d probably end up doing the same if I wasn’t really, really careful. But I know the chances of my being willing to rehome any animal I’ve cared for, are non-existent. Since I’m not fabulously wealthy with acreage and paid help, I stick to my mini zoo! I think they missed the memo about our not being rich though…they are all remarkably skilled at spending money. We don’t own our own home or have a pretty car, but I’m positive we have purchased both for more than one veternarian… 😉

      4. Well first I’ll say just search Sugar Plum. That will bring you to “In the beginning there was…” I published it in draft form so please forgive the roughness of it. I will get around to editing it one day. 🙂 Yes we have adopted our fare share of strays and found homes for them. Yes the neighborhood knows to bring everything to us. And lucky we can afford it. We own our own home and as you can see on my about page the house is more than big enough. Plus both my wife and I work from home so the day to day care is not that big a deal. Unlike walking in at 5 PM and being overrun. And finally yes, I put my vet’s daughters through university and the new wing of the animal hospital is dedicated to my family. (not really, but it should ;-)) Strangely the magic number is 18. Any more than that, we finds homes for the animals. But 18 seems manageable. For most people that sounds ludicrous, but for us its not.:-D

      5. He he. I thought it might be something like that.

        It’s amazing how quickly the word gets out that you’re the “Go To” family. Spreads faster than a wildfire. 😉

        Am off now to search for your post. I’m quite sure I’ll love it, rough draft or not! 🙂

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