Who Killed The Plant?

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to
overcoming the consequences of any misfortune
– William James

39 thoughts on “Who Killed The Plant?”

  1. Looks like a geranium which are on the poisonous for kitties list. 😦 sorry. I’m a spoil sport. Olivia is a plant sampler so I’ve had to relocate many formerly ignored plants to my classroom.

      1. ooh! well even with the plants out in the hall my cat likes to go in the hall and go down the stairs. (Sometimes she wants us to take her on the porch and see what’s going on or maybe just for fresh air) anyway…a couple of times she’s pulled the plant down! (even when she has her own cat grass!)(

      2. omg speaking of which we gave her the new plant today, and for some reason later on in the day every time I think she always seems to go back to meowing at the door as if we never gave her the plant! I’m wondering if its to tell my dad he needs to start a new one already or if she forgot or jsut wants at the ‘real’ plants

      3. The mistake was, you ‘gave’ her the plant. If you’d said, “Now don’t touch this plant” she’d be all over it!
        It’s the same of leaving a pen on my desk. The cats sit and wait until I’m looking right at them, then they look me straight in the eye and with one paw throw it to the ground. They love the reaction. It’s a game to them. 🙂

      4. We gave her , her own sort of plant.. cat grass they sell it in the stores or you can buy seeds. We told her NO many times to the other(s) its my parents fault really as they haven’t put one of those ceiling hangers for flowers up. Sully when we moved into where we are now, I think used to like trying to catch the text that floated across the screen! she doesn’t walk across the key, she just blocks my view of the screen every so often

        (btw.. sorry for late reply this somehow got lost among the notes)

      5. LMAO! That’s a good one. If you have a tablet there are games on there for cats… Trying to think of what it would be on I know I noted them on something… Check out my hubpages (it’s in my links in the sidebar) and look for Kitty Contentment, Silly Sully or anything that sounds cat or pet related. If I come across it I’ll post it here

      6. picture of what? I would love to see what sully would do with whatever those apps for cats are! lol SOunds so funny.. apps for cats.. is that like scooby snacks uh oh.. do I feel a poem coming on? want to add to that?

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