“Indecision is never a good decision”

G. von Kap-herr

33 thoughts on “Decisive”

      1. It’s so nice to have digital now, I don’t have many pics of my other cats as kittens except maybe a few on film & Spinner was adopted full grown. The kitten pictures are lovely. I have to make a project to try & dig some of the old ones out at some point this summer.

  1. Totally off subject and not related to that uber cute cat in the bag … BUT I just watched a video from the Maueyes blog called Cat Documentary: City of the Wild Cats (feral cats in Rome from YouTube):

    My cats (not like the 20 billion you have) were enthralled by the cat calls and noises. Interesting video … about 15 mins or so in total to watch. Very interesting cat behavior. And the kittens are adorable. Anyway, just some kitty stuff.


    🙂 I ❤ CATS!

  2. Plastic bags are a big nono for small kids and cats – suffocation! And if you have not cut the handles, a cat might even get trapped.
    But on the decision thing I have to say:
    Either decided or undecided – but this sitting on the fence has to stop!

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