Lack of Inspiration

DSC_7977 (3)
James Clerk Maxwell, the inventor of colour film, never attributed the inspiration to his cats, Eastman and Kodak. (Photography humor)

22 thoughts on “Lack of Inspiration”

  1. Aha! The truth is finally revealed! I can’t wait fur them to finally reveal that it was KATS (not man) who first set paws on the moon!! Dang humans want the credit fur flippin EVERYTHING! *(pout)*

      1. Sleeping at my place: Nubia: Hi Oli! Oliver: what?!? You here to torment me again??? Nubia: no I want to cuddle with you… Oliver: alright when go on Nubia: headbutt attack!!!! Super play fight mode!!! (On unsuspecting Oli) you can imagine the rest :). She is only playing but he doesn’t appreciate it lol

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