51 thoughts on “White Moon”

  1. I can’t imagine the nosedive, unless of course this kitty was jumping branch-to-branch. Silly kitties, all of them! I have three. The baby, a black and white tuxedo is named Gilbert Grape, but has the nickname, “Clueless.”
    I’d lit a candle atop the bureau one winter day, and left to tend a dish cooking upon the stove. Whafting among the scent of dinner was a rather, stringent, burnt scent. I quickly darted into the living room, “Clueless” was straddling the candle warming his tummy. He was totally un fazed by the smoking, frizzled hair from his tail. Nor the fact his tummy was starting to singe. I grabbed my apron a whisked him up into it, smothering his frizzled fur.

    We no longer burn candles out of sight of him. I could loose the house and contents, but I need the other two humans, all three of the cats and most definitely, my Yellow Lab!

    1. I remember burning candles during a power failure. One of the fuzzy tails walked across the table. Passing the candle her tail went up. Elysa, my wife, raised her hand and slid it down the tail, putting the fire out as quickly as it started. The cat lay down unscathed, my wife returned to her book. The only evidence that anything had happened was the smell. 🙂

      1. lovely name, i googled it and it is actually a german for White… and Mond is german for Moon… hmm WeissMond how cute is that.

      1. LOL. Very good for the Winter months, I know that. Especially as it seems to be getting colder. I hear it’s already chilling off in the Northern hemisphere while we’re still cold and wet in the Southern!

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