They Never Listen (Part 2)

DSC_6614 (2)_marked
“Dear, I have some work to finish tonight. Why don’t you go to bed and snuggle up with the new cat.”

Monkey: “Sleep. I dare you.”

31 thoughts on “They Never Listen (Part 2)”

  1. “Kitty, you think you can intimidate me with those eyes? Huh! Wait until I awake in the morning. You’re about to be scared out of your wits! I ain’t pretty, and I always get up on the wrong side of the bed.”

    Challenge on!

  2. Does Monkey’s facial expression every change?

    I could have sworn that was the same photo as yesterday and had to scroll down to the other one and compare. Sure enough, different photo, same cat, same Monkey face!

  3. It’s pretty well documented that I’m terrified of cats. That photo doesn’t help, but I’m hoping to cure my phobia through your blog! I need a cute kitten photo right about…now!

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