They Never Listen Part 1

DSC_6372 (2)_marked
“Honey, I tell you there’s something wrong with the new cat. When you’re not here, she’s always attacking me.”

“Don’t be silly. She’s such a sweet baby, aren’t you little Monkey”

Monkey: “I’m going to kill you.”

33 thoughts on “They Never Listen Part 1”

  1. Is this one a tortie? My husband had one for 17 years, and although she was very sweet she always had a demonic expression. The hubby and I were saying this weekend that all torities look mean even when they’re not!

  2. I love the look on Monkey’s face … the hair pointing downward from his (her?) ears. That intent look — looks just like a little person. So serious really … I hope Monkey doesn’t lighten up! AND bet Monkey can win most any staring contest!

  3. Ahhh-haaa-haa! What a look!!!! I have a tortie, who doesn’t know she’s a cat…she’s not sure what she is. She is quite “playful” with the other, older cats (they screech “leave me alone!”). Boisterous, hubbie calls it! She was orphaned as a baby, never got over it, I say. 😉 Finally is learning to purr and “make bread”…the Calico taught her that!

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