The Chase

The Chase

“Pant…gasp…Urp…for a big guy, you can really move!”

35 thoughts on “The Chase”

  1. Bigger usually means longer legs. And, when you have longer legs, you have longer steps. The little guy has to work harder to keep up or catch up. I get to witness this quite often with my two. The younger has some Maine Coon in him, and is finally hitting his growth spurt. He is now bigger than my older girl. She cheats though. She cuts the corners going OVER the furniture in the way, rather than around it.

    Smaller may be a little slower just because of the amount of ground covered in one step, but it usually leads to smarter. Sooner or later.


      1. ::Laughs:: Now, I gotta see the next time he goes through the table legs! I’m getting a visual of the big one sliding through a solid object like a ghost.

        ‘Course, that could be my exhaustion playing tricks on me too.

      1. Thought you might. To me, it was my own horse. It’s funny I’ve worked shows with hundreds of horses all around me. Nothing! I’ve been in the middle of the ring shooting, nothing! Walk to the barn all alone with my Pinto, squish! Luckily we were on the grass and not the concrete of the barn! πŸ™‚

      2. It was my teacher’s pinto. Had hooked her to the walker(?) which she was not happy about so she looked at me and ‘PUT HER FOOT DOWN’ Luckily no damage and she didn’t do it hard, just to get my attention. πŸ™‚

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