World Cat Wrestling


“It’s another barn burner here on WCW! The Black Sheik is down but has Onecler “The Hitman” Katt in a headlock. It’s been nothing but none stop action! OH NO! It looks like the Black Sheik is trying to bite Onecler! I hope the Ref is seeing this.”

23 thoughts on “World Cat Wrestling”

      1. It’s funny, my daughter’s fiancΓ© likes wrestling because it was how he and his late older brother spent time together when he was little.. He and my daughter have actually gone to several professional shows, as we live right outside of Washington, DC. My daughter likens it to a circus performance. It’s nothing like the real cat wrestling that my two kitties engage in each day! πŸ™‚

  1. Hahaha! My girls are more like, “Did you SEE the passive aggressivity on Lily The Killer’s face? Did you hear that hissing? Yes… it’s non-stop lack of action as Tiger The Beggarhead pauses to lick herself…” And the crowd goes wild…

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