Chub-Chub on Climbing Trees


“The thing about climbing trees is, sooner or later you have to figure out how to get down…crap I’m high!”

11 thoughts on “Chub-Chub on Climbing Trees”

  1. CHUB-CHUB!!! 🙂

    We moved into a house one time where the wall over and at the sides of the fireplace was ‘papered’ with hessian. It was truly hideous. But our cat, Tabby, decided to climb up it one day. First and only time I saw a cat climb a wall like that. She got to the ceiling and looked down and you could see the realisation dawn on her ….yikes….now what do I do??? She howled, bless her. LOLOL.
    This pic of Chub-Chub reminded me. Thank you x she was 21 yrs old when she passed. A most excellent kitty.

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