Chub-Chub Has a Date!


♫ “Washing the fleas, washing the fleas,

We are all a washing, washing the fleas”. ♫

13 thoughts on “Chub-Chub Has a Date!”

  1. Hey, Luki looks just like Chub Chub in her coloring. Long hair too! Say, tell me, does Chub Chub have a problem with clumps of hair (huge balls) appearing on the hip areas and spine? We thought it was our larger/older cat who was doing it, but he is now long passed and she still gets them! 😮

  2. (Chub-Chub, go gentle on your Master. Ace Ventura Pet Purrfect was unhappy that I gave him a bath. He gave me a bite. I spent six days in the hospital! 😦 It did not diminish our love for each other, but it did cause us both bouts of separation anxiety.)

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