A Couch Kitty Poem

Couch Kitties
Around the house we like to play.
Around and around we go each day
and then we sleep for hours on end
until we want to play again.

by, Floridaborne

17 thoughts on “A Couch Kitty Poem”

  1. Lol! The arms of that chair look like the brown chair in my living room! (The most expensive scratching post that mine own!) Crazy play mode just ended at my house! All kitties are now sleeping soundly. 🙂 Adorable poem and pic!

      1. It looks like it has a few more good years of scratches left! Sadly, I bought our scratching chair brand spanking new from Lazy Boy! It’s so funny how the cats react when company sits in “their” chair–the indignant stares from them are unsettling!

  2. There are covers that help slow down the cat assaults. But I have to tel you that the last piece of furniture ending up in the trash heap was 1/2 eaten by a dog. No. I’m not kidding.

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