A Tail of Perfection

DSC_2957 (2)_marked
Samson: “Yes, a tail like mine comes once, maybe twice in a generation.You may stare with envy

26 thoughts on “A Tail of Perfection”

  1. My Lili was so silky with a tail like that….the very tip of it was always swishing back and forth like she was doing a royal wave. I never saw her walk without her tail in the air in all her 17 years.
    Sadly I never got a picture of her walk. Lots of others though.
    That is a great tail, Samantha. Lucky you!

  2. Yes, as a connoisseur of fine tails (on cats), I can say this is one fine tail! Of course, the rest of the kitty is pretty fine, too, with lovely tabby details and cute ear tufts!

  3. My Lili had a tail like that….and fluffy “feathers” on her back legs that made her look like she was wearing pantaloons.
    She knew how to wave that tail in the air!
    She’s been gone for over a year now and I still miss her. Diavolo lives with me now and he’s a lot of things but “fluffy” is not one of them….more smooth and velvety.

      1. I even sometimes call him Mr. Smooth….or Mr. Velvet Britches. Very shiny and smooth. His other nick name is Mr. Squeaky because he sort of squeaks when I pick him up. Funny noise for a 15 lb cat.

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