The Grey Revolution

DSC_2870 (3)_marked
Jr. B – “OK, The black cats are in with us. The orange ones are loyalists, we’ll have to lock them in the cellar.”
Oncler – “What about those multi-colored guys.”
Jr. B – “We don’t have to worry about them. They’re so screwed up, they can’t even figure out what furniture to sleep on. Once the humans are out of the way, we’ve got it made!”

67 thoughts on “The Grey Revolution”

      1. Yeah. Of course, it’s a good wow. 🙂 I am an animal lover, as well. It’s not everyday I will meet a person who has the same tender heart for animals (and cats, particularly) as you.

      2. I wish there are more people like you and your fanily who understand that animals have emotions, too. They dont deserve to be mistreated by us, humans. Not them…not ever. The world needs more people like you.

      3. I guess you’re the original “cat daddy” :). I’m planning of building an animal shelter so soon as I graduate in college. Here in the Philippines, there aint animal shelters as much as in the U.S. I might somehow make the world a better place for poor angels around here. You are very inspiring

      4. Yes, cat daddy! Im curious. Would you mind if I ask? When did you discover your love for cats aside of one obvious fact that it runs in your family? Yeah. Have you heard about the Philippines? There isn’t much attention on animal rights here…which really frustrates me. Stray cats, and dogs everywhere.

      5. Well I actually live in Canada, not the US. There are a lot of Filipino’s that live in Canada. Growing up, we had dogs,cats, horses, ducks, chickens, cows, all kinds of animals. I just seemed to get along with cats more than other animals. We seem to understand each other. The problem is cats multiply a lot faster than dogs and so need more attention to getting them fixed.

        So, you will become the voice for the animals in your land. Good for you. 🙂

      6. Oh. I’m sorry 🙂 but it’s much cooler to know youre a Canadian. They say Canadians are very polite and apologetic. Wow. You really DID grow up with animals! Now I envy you haha

        Yeah. About cats, it is still a mystery to me why cats hate belly rubs. They tend to lie on the floor, acting like they need a scratch on the belly, but once you start scratching it, they turn into a monstrous creature. Well, based on my experience when I had my first pet cat back 13 years ago

      7. Oh. Well, I obviously didn’t know about that. Well, you somehow reminded me of the cat whisperer on Animal Planet. Haha dont get it wrong. I am just so amazed of how nicely you handle more than 10 cats.

      8. I just told my friend about you, your photographs and your feline family..”and yeah. He is a GUY”. She went like “what? Really? Amazing!” Then she starts to wonder how tough your job is because she thinks having plenty of cats might make your house stink

      9. LOL. Yes that is the big question!
        Firstly, I work from home, so I clean up throughout the day. I do the litter boxes twice a day. I vacuum once a week (sometimes twice) and have a steam cleaner that I use on the carpets and furniture once a month.
        Yes, this is a house that you will always know animals live in, but it’s not offensive. 😉

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