Ode to the Fall, by Boris

DSC_3239 (2)_marked

Where’s the green going,
and why so much brown?
Once there were flowers
and leaves all around.

The air is much colder
my fur is so thick
it sticks on my tongue
when I try to lick.

I don’t know the reason
things came to a halt.
I have a suspicion
it’s all the dog’s fault!

Ghost written by Floridaborne

11 thoughts on “Ode to the Fall, by Boris”

  1. Oh Boris, we must come to know one another. I think we are soul mates. Fall depresses me. I love the green carpet, the scent of living and thriving beauty in the air. As shadows fall, I withdraw, shuttering up the house and piling on my blankets. Oh sweet soul, I know how one wants to lay blame upon the dog, but sweetie, I saw the shortening of the day, felt the briskness within the air, years before our dog arrived.

    Here’s a trinket to ponder, why not make friends with the dog? Allow yourself to cuddle, snuggling within his paws? Let the dog groom you at his will. Trust me. You have nurtured my soul by your admission. One never wants to feel alone. Take comfort in the dog. Friendship awaits, so eager to please. The happiness of the pups tail will entertain you too. Just don’t nip. These dogs like to think they are the masters of the house.


    1. “Dearest one. I have taken your words to heart. As another person that loves the warm sun upon your head and the tickle of the grass between your toes, I shall endeavor to consider the drooling mutt as not the cause of my foul humor, but the source of mirth to my heart. For after all, a simpleton lives in ignorant bliss and who is to say this is not the correct way to live ones life. As a monk, I shall take the vow of paralyzing stupidity and seek brotherhood with the canine of the house.

      I remain yours in drool”


      1. Boris says: The drooling mutt reminds me of rain. I hate rain. His moist, wet tongue reminds me of being stuck outside in a storm on a welcome mat yowling to come in–and no one hears. To make friends with a dog is like having a wet-wipe stuck to your paw that you can never get off. I would rather take that paw and swat the canines moistly dripping nose with it. Then clean the mess off when I knead on a human thigh.

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