Sunday Funnies with Chub-Chub

Cat-toons created by Elayne Griffith. To see more of the adventures of Chub-Chub, you can visit us at http//


19 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies with Chub-Chub”

  1. thanks for the Chub-Chub ‘fix’ this morning….. my Sunday mornings are good now… this cartoon creation is really exceptional!

  2. My cats aren’t brave enough to battle the Va-coom. But if I wanted them to run a marathon, that’s what I’d need in back of them on an enclosed track. 🙂

    I’m in agreement with Jan. I look forward to Elayne’s Sunday morning cat-toon.

      1. I would imagine she’s a lot more fun to work with than a moody poet. 🙂

        I like the different approaches to cat personality–from funny to awwww.

        The frog was a good touch. I’m sure that y’all are just as happy to see a frog jumping around your house (while kitty chases it) as the rest of us cat people. 🙂

  3. This is great. I loves me some Chub-Chub 😀
    I often wonder what my cats are thinking about when they are caught up in their ‘mad half hours’. This cartoon makes a lot of sense LOL

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