A Halloween Poem

DSC_3277 (2)_marked
Inside these woods
the witch relies
on using me
to cast her spells
both good and evil–
can’t you tell?
Black cats jealous
hiss in protest.
I’m the one
she must invite,
a catten that’s
both black…and white.

by, Floridaborne

20 thoughts on “A Halloween Poem”

  1. Another adorable kitty! Good poem also – like that it points out the black AND white. (I hate the stigma black cats get, especially around Halloween! I have two wonderful black cats in my mad house and would get more if I were crazier. 😀 )

    1. No, BobbieSue has 5 toes – but since this little tuxedo looks like she has no tail, that’s what reminded me of my baby – she lost her tail when she was only 7 weeks old.

  2. I will dress up as a witch if you promise to walk in your socks over to my house. You can rattle the fur of my three felines and my doggie. Well, maybe we better leave the doggie alone. She weighs 62 pounds.

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