The Abominable Leaf Kitty

The Abominable Leaf Kitty
This strange and mythical creature that appears only once a year. This mischievous kitty causes rakes to magically disappear and casts spells on the wind to blow your leaf piles all over the yard.

40 thoughts on “The Abominable Leaf Kitty”

  1. Cat and leaves are great fun to watch! A neighbor cat used to make raking the lawn a treat because he’d climb on top of the tallest pile to observe the scene. I made a special effort to bag those leaves last so Woody the cat spent the whole time with me.

    1. Thanks, yes 99% of the shots are my cats. I have 25 at the moment. I’m the unofficial rescue shelter for the area. I live in the country and the nearest shelter is in the next village about 45 minutes away. People tend to bring me strays and Pregnant mothers! So right now I have about 8 kittens running around the house. I look after them and find them homes. What one or two!?! πŸ˜€

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