A Black Kitten Poem

A Black Cat Poem
The time approaches,
darkens the night
when the black cat howls
and ghouls take flight.
The fearful humans
hiding their form,
parade through the streets
to hide from harm.
On all hallows eve
the black cat knows
it’s time to capture…
their human souls.

by, Floridaborne

11 thoughts on “A Black Kitten Poem”

  1. This poem is pretty, but it scares people from wanting a black cat. Witchcraft scares and that is what people need to understand. You know black cats are awesome, but they are just cats and do not steel peoples souls and they do turn into people if they could we live in a different world. Just saying.

  2. I once had a black cat with gold eyes. Sweetest angel! I’ve never understood why folks feared a black cat, Friday the 13th, walking under a ladder. I am, however, scared to drive my car on any of the Dallas and Forth Worth freeways. I once jokingly told my girlfriend, “You have to be drunk to drive in this concrete jungle!” … And, YES, I was joking. πŸ˜‰

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