Weiss & Jeeves Model Their Halloween Costumes

Weiss & Jeeves
“I’m a ghost!”
“I’m a butler. What do you think?”

32 thoughts on “Weiss & Jeeves Model Their Halloween Costumes”

      1. Aside from Cats and photography, what are your fav. hobbies? What are your fav. authors/stories? I like this last one because it is how YOU interpret the character not what you see in the movies:)

      2. Are you by any chance interested in “steam punk”? A cross between Victorian England and the future? BTW JB Gold is also me. (My real name) Just in case you wonder who asked to “friend” you on FB. 🙂

      3. have to think on it a little. Like I said, possibly a steampunk character, for one. Let me see what I can come up with. Will post later this evening. 🙂 Love your choice in bands too. Fleetwood’s Stevie Nicks I saw in concert while she was taping once. Eagles, 3 Dog night etc. I grew up with (High School) I would say with your love of Bogie and Alfred Hitchcock I am surprised you aren’t going for a gum shoe or the like! 😀

      4. For ideas on what some of the steampunkers(?) are wearing try Steampunk Emporium and Medieval Replicas. Both sites carry Steampunk ideas Also check out Back Hills Steampunk Society on FB and the Pandora Society. These two also have people to talk with as well as photos of a variety of costumes and accessory ideas. They like goggles, gears and many other items. 🙂

      5. I may post some pix I found on a Steampunk site but unfortunately that will have to wait til tomorrow which doesn’t give you much time. Sorry. 😦

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