Tether Ball

DSC_3656 (2)_marked
In the hopes that Tether ball becomes an Olympic sport, Peanut and Jeeves continue to practice.

20 thoughts on “Tether Ball”

      1. Same for Nubia. She is super fast. But since its her front paw thats missing it is super scary to watch. She lets go ans propells herself up with her back paws at the same tile before rhrowing herself around the pole with a combination of mouth and paw clinging on LOL. This is why we moved our dinning table next to it so she can just jump from there to platform and platform instead. The things you do for your cats ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Wow 15 feet O.O. Nubsey is not so lucky with jumping. Her front paw is strong (as the carpet sadly knows just too well…) but not strong enough to brace impacts. Almost every jump ends in her using her chin as a bumper. Its got a little bold patch from that. Doesn’t seem to mind that at all tho LOL. And sometimes she will be sneaky and jump on her brother for soft landings from the sofa etc LOL

      3. FC lands and goes into a sitting position. (That end is softer.)
        Oh I’ve been working on my store! I’ve redone my page and added several places you can link to Zazzle products that I created. (Still more to do)

        Also I will have a second store from home that will be up by tomorrow of stuff I manufactured.

        Let me know what you think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

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