DSC_3256 (2)_marked
The chair now re-upholstered to their taste and style, it was time for a well deserved nap.

29 thoughts on “Re-upholstery”

  1. All furniture should be reupholstered with cats. Just stuff a little catnip between the seams and you’ll have a super soft cushion to lean on 24/7. Just don’t lean too hard or you’ll be sponging your own blood out of the fabric.

  2. I treated myself to a very extravagant computer chair (almost $700, though I got it at about 56% of that price – still pricey for a retired guy!).

    It is upholstered in a very soft leather that my cat Dougy especially loves to scratch on. The chair looks a mess! He also uses a settee and an ottoman for this purpose.

    In each instance, there is a regulation scratching post within paw reach that he ignores. Bad kitty! I’ve no control; over him, and lost in when he was barely four months old…. Here’s the video proof:

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