Shh! A Contest!

Shh! Contest
You can win this beautiful Cats at the Bar official T-shirt/kitty blanket! But quietly.

Here’s how to win. Just name five of the cats featured on Cats at the Bar. If you want help, just visit and scroll through a few of the posts. All the names are there. πŸ˜‰
Email your entry to or enter them right on the contest page. Good luck!
Contest ends midnight Wednesday November 12, 2014.

13 thoughts on “Shh! A Contest!”

  1. Hey, I am wondering if you’ll offer the shirt in the reverse colors — not for the contest — but just in general … like white print on a black t-shirt? Just a thought.

    I have so many ideas for your t-shirts … like collectables. You could start w/ cat #1 — not cartoon style, but kind of a realistic sketch photo — keeping it simple and name it after your first cat and so, on and so on. I think Chub Chub would make a beautiful shirt print when you get there. The black guys … well, they’re kind of boring but classic.

    WHERE do all these cats live? Like what state?

    How many stay inside? Are all indoor-outdoor? So many questions … is there a FAQ page about these guys? Like a list of ALL there names? Do you neuter them? So many questions … sorry.

    1. LOL Wow, where to start.
      Well firstly I have several “About pages you can look at” That will tell you about me, us and where we live.
      The next printing of the shirts will be in black with white lettering. Like the wrist bands.

      I’ve already started a number of products on zazzle that you can look at that. I will be doing more photographic as time passes. I only have so much money! But as profits come in I’ll turn out more new ideas.

      Chub-Chub will have own line of products. πŸ˜‰
      I have a coffee mug in production right now. Should have them next week.

      The cats can go out if they want. It’s up to them, but they all sleep inside at night.

      I’m working on a Cast member page, hopefully will have it up in a couple of days.

      Yes they all get “fixed” and see the vet on a regular basis. (I get a volume discount)

      Ok I think I’ve covered everything. If not, keep the questions coming. πŸ™‚

      1. OK, if they all sleep inside at night, approximately how many sleep on your bed w/ you AND how is your sleep quality w/ so many kitties?

        We have two and when it’s cold they sleep w/ us. The black cat is stealthy and silent, but my grey dust bunny likes to make biscuits on my chest at various times throughout the night … I don’t mind because I love these furry guys so much. I don’t mind being sleep deprived just to have these guys around! Maybe you are the same way???

      2. I usually have six to eight cats on the bed with me. I’m a heavy sleeper so they don’t wake up if they get restless. It’s going to sleep that’s the hard part. Everyone is jockeying for position and a couple like to do the happy feet thing. So it takes about a 1/2 hour to get settled. πŸ˜‰

  2. Well, I could enter, but that’s not fair; my shirt is in the mail. I’m so glad you are no where near Texas. I would beg to own a couple of your little ones.

    On the weekend I was visiting an outdoor mall. My girlfriend shouted that there was a man outside selling yellow Labs. OMG! The only thing keeping me from buying one was the absolute love and adoration of my eight year old rescue sitting back home awaiting my return. My kids rescued her from a bad situation. I babysat her for three weeks and simply could not let go of her. I was raised in a family, my father bred sporting dogs as a hobby. All were registered and came from good lineage. We were allowed to feed them and clean up their cages. We were not allowed to speak to them or pet/play with them. Sadly, if a litter bore less than perfect standards the dogs were gunny-sacked off and left to fend for themselves. To this day I cannot tolerate puppy mills or people who simply play with breed/crossing.

    I’ll never purchase a show dog, but I will continue to donate to rescue organizations and support animals in need of medical treatments. I paid a fortune to rescue my little Tuxedo. He’d somehow broken his left leg and the adoption agency was merely trying to recoop a bit of the expense so they could offer aid to another needy animal down the road.

    For folks trying to think of a worthy gift to a friend for Christmas, consider donating a bag of cat food to the family or to the organization they rescued the pet from. Many organizations are overwhelmed before and after the holidays.

    Thanks for allowing my rant, Tom. Pets make us better people. It’s time we gave back. πŸ™‚

    1. Great rant. I totally agree with everything you said. That’s why I got the wrist bands. I’ll be donating a portion of each sale to animal shelters and organizations. They are just $5.00 ($3.00 shipping) and I’ll start promoting them Thursday. right after the T-shirt contest. Every little bit helps. πŸ™‚

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