Giveaway: Cats At The Bar

The wonderful gang at Katzenworld and our motley crew teamed up to have a little fun and do a contest, giving away some great Cats at the Bar merchandise. If you haven’t visited them before , GO NOW to an absolutely fabulous blog. They have it all! Cat videos, cat pictures, product reviews of cat toys, you name it. So enter and enter often (it doesn’t cost anything!) 😉


Hello everyone,

This time around we have teamed up with our good friends over at Cats At The Bar!

If you haven’t met them before you MUST go and check them out. You will be captured by the many cute cats that roam over there and not to forget the super funny cat-toons created by Elayne Griffith. 😀

They have recently launched their online store where you can find many of your favorite photos and cat-toons of Chub Chub, Peanut and the rest of the gang!

We have the following amazing prizes that you can win.

1st Prize is a T-Shirt from Cats at the Bar

DSC_4482 (2)_marked

We promise that your T-Shirt will come with some extra hair to settle it right in at home. 😉

2nd and 3rd Prize is a Cats at the Bar wristband

DSC_4587 (3)_marked

Will make sure that we de-tatch the cats before posting them to you! 😉

The rules…

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10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cats At The Bar”

  1. I’m taking time to shop this week. Santa needs stocking stuffers and word on the street is that this is the place to get them.
    (I really am going to send a pic one day, really, I am. Life has been CRAZY over here this week. Snow, rain, my son’s (in-law’s) acceptance into CHP (California Highway Patrol) and two doctors visits. Don’t give up Señor Tom.)

  2. Hi ,everyone,I am from Belgium. I bought a Cats at the Bar t-shirt and some wristbands. I going to wear this with pride here in Belguim .The wirstbands are already Christmas gifts Hope to see all over the world people with Cat at the Bar t-shirt ….Greetings to you all

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