Letter from the TICA

Mr/Ms Chub-Chub
“Dear Mr/Ms Chub-Chub,
We at the TICA (The International Cat Association) are happy to inform you that the board has come to the conclusion that you are in fact a cat. Cattus-Strangicus to be precise. We hope you enjoy being a cat and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

33 thoughts on “Letter from the TICA”

  1. And like fine wine those “smudges” are improving with age. She should be sporting that crown (or is is a wrist band?).
    I think she’s growing into a regal beauty….from that funny fluff that reminded me of a feather duster from my school days.

  2. That’s progress. The International Who’s Who of Professional Women (IWWPW) have not made the same progress as the TICA. The IWWPW has not figured out that I’m I man, as I keep getting updates on the status of my membership (even though I never joined) and where I stand as a Who among Who’s in their organization.

  3. I never doubted you were a feline…NEVER! You are extremely exotic, and I’d love to sponsor you through my “Love and Pretend Adoption Program.”

    Precious kitty, please let Pops know that I am having trouble using the Zazzle coupon AND God forbid, I can’t locate the bracelets! Also, I need a 15 oz. Chub-Chub mug, the one that says, ‘this is for mew’ and I don’t see one.

    Have sweet dreams and consider yourself adopted. You be mine. XO. I’m off to dreamland, but will look for a note in the a.m. I love mew!

    1. LOL Ok firstly I have 2 stores, Zazzle and the Boutique. The boutique is where the wristbands are.
      Zazzle has the mugs, when your on the page with the Chub-Chub mug to the right of the main picture there are 2 miniature mugs. The store defaults to the 11 oz. If you click the one on the right, that is the 15 oz mug. everything will adjust.
      I can’t help on the Zazzle coupon, they set that up.
      All I can do is in the Boutique both the T-shirt and wristband are now tax included.
      Hope this helps. I’ll be here all day so if you need help just text me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I just ordered four CatsattheBar mugs, all Elayne masterpieces…! There’s a 20% discount on them today, 11-26, just enough to entice me to order. (I hope you don’t mind me giving you a little free publicity!)

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