DSC_3249 (2)_marked
“He started it! He grabbed my tail!”
“Did not! He yanked mine!”
“No I didn’t.” “Yes you did.”
“Did not.” “Did too.”
“Didn’t.” “Did.”

29 thoughts on “Roughhousing”

  1. The looks on the faces are so adorable. I’ll bet that chair looked a lot like that before they started….after all, others have been there before.
    Yes, you need to name the new additions.

      1. How true! You grow up with the mistaken notion that you are special beyond all others, whereas children with siblings constantly have their little egos crushed by these siblings OR learn how to fight back! Some of the best reunions later in life are recountings of these childhood encounters, long remembered but never forgiven. LOL!

      2. Agreed. I grew up in a Germanic family. My brother sister and I did terrible things to each other, but the loyalty to each other was unbreakable. We had a rule, never let the parents find out. So we kept our own secrets. This of course got difficult when it came to injuries. For example, when my sister broke my nose with a hockey puck, yes on purpose. But I went to my parents and said I slipped on the ice.
        The entire visit to the hospital was spent planning my revenge.
        Now we laugh about it and my parents would stare in awe hearing all this stuff for the first time. πŸ™‚

      3. Ha! Ha! My parents both are dead now, but it used to be fun accidentally (“accidentally”?) bringing up incidents with one’s siblings, then finding out our parents didn’t actually know what had happened, that we’d inadvertently cleared up decades old mysteries!

  2. Look a lot like younger versions of Oli and nubsey πŸ˜€ send them my way and let’s see how confused the 4 would get “wait what that’s not me?!? But kind of looks like me…”

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