Dust Bunny Serenity Mug

DSC_4717 (3)

And now you can! Limited run, exclusive, available only at the online Cats at the Bar Boutique 
Jumbo mug, just $14.95 Cdn. tax included!

**A portion of the proceeds goes to animal rights organizations.**

Dust Bunny found his moment of Zen once, but only once! You can read about his adventures here in Cat-toons with Dust Bunny  created by Elyane Griffith for our Sunday Funnies.


36 thoughts on “Dust Bunny Serenity Mug”

  1. I had no idea your cats practice the Art of Zen! You obviously taught them well. You should write a book, ‘The Art of Zen in The Cat World’
    I love that mug! Yes, I will be ordering, for now I have a very sick kitty. I took her for a dental cleaning and bloodwork. She has renal failure. 😦 I lost a cat to that seven years ago. It also took my Grandkitty in 2011.

    Thanks for the work you do, Tom. Cats’ are one of life’s greatest treasures.

      1. Thank you Tom. I rescued her years ago. Her owner moved and left her to fend for herself. One day in June the temp rose to 104 Fahrenheit. One of my daughters called me to the door. There she was, hungry, thirsty and struggling in the heat. The rest is history. My daughter named her, Bridget-Renee ‘Jones’, but we generally refer to her as, Princess.

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