The Insurance Salescat

DSC_2954 (2)_marked
Monkey (The Salescat): “Sir! You have a beautiful tail! You should insure that tail!
Puck (The Mark): “Go away.”
Monkey: “What happens if it’s stepped on, caught in a door, or heaven forbid, granny uses the…ROCKING CHAIR!?”
Puck: “My tail would be as crocked as you are. Now go away before I treat you like skat in a litter box and bury you!”
Monkey: “Sir, I couldn’t help noticing how nice your whiskers are…”

34 thoughts on “The Insurance Salescat”

      1. I actually used the exact two lines from the conversation of my client and my boss.before the client went to get the store manager and my boss almost got me fired.

      1. Fine by me – ok, not much of a tail, that is my species’ curse, but whiskers? Plenty … *sigh* Or can I get an insurance AGAINST whiskers on my face? Mine or … others?

      1. I meant no unkindness to any insurance or car salesman. Years ago I was a telephone operator. Johnny Carson was notoriously funny and used operators as the brunt of many a joke. Today, I am married to an insurance broker. I loved this item. There’s a product for sale to cover just about everything! :))))))

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