Tofu Turkey

Tofu Turkey

28 thoughts on “Tofu Turkey”

      1. Oh dear… Probably better i don’t! How Berlin can be the captitsl of a primarily meat eating country no idea πŸ˜‰ there are far too many vegeterians there =p in my home town its so much the opposite that apparently a soup is stilo vegeterian if the ham was boiled down and can’t be seen anymore. (Went with a vegeterian friend once who found it most sifficult lol)

  1. Here in my area it’s called Tofurkey and has been a vegetarian alternative for years. Luckily for me and Diavolo (my feline companion) the pre cooked “real” turkey breast is heating in the oven….come on, it’s just us you expected me to cook a whole bird? But we also have lots of trimmings….that he’s not getting but he will get a dish of chopped up turkey breast. It’s only 5:30 pm here and should be ready in just a few minutes. He couldn’t wait and insisted on a snack of real cat food. Oh, have have sweet and sour beets and instead of baked sweet potatoes I have sweet potato fries. And a completely homemade pumpkin pie.

      1. Diavolo had two servings of turkey as well as a dish of regular cat food while he was impatiently waiting and then in (sorry) typical guy fashion he promptly fell asleep while watching TV from my lap. Although he was looking for more this morning.
        No carcass for soup here though as that precooked bird was also deboned.

  2. We would never go vegan. The dogs would rather starve and Luki hates veggies too (the cat) My mother use to cook enchiladas now we have ham and turkey so we can have sandwiches for the next month! I did up my oyster and herbed stuffing too. Uncle went back with mom & my son to watch the game… no TV here, just computer & hulu. πŸ™‚

  3. A dear friend had a daughter who converted to Buddhism. Turkey day was tofu on the plate.

    My friend, of solid Polish extraction (a confirmed carnivore…!), ate it, but wrote sad letters to me about how she had to do it, for the sake of pleasing her vegan daughter and son-in-law.

    She didn’t take leftovers home, though, and she apologised each time for unloading about the terrible tofu for Thanksgiving she had to endure for several years before she died.

    “You’ll get angel wings for enduring this,” I assured her. She doubted it.

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