A Glaring Poem

Surrounded by snow
a self-respecting feline
glares at the human.

by Floridaborne

25 thoughts on “A Glaring Poem”

    1. Hi. Floridaborne is the poet (and friend) here at Cats at the Bar. She knows all the cats personally. Normally I’ll send her pictures and she gets inspired. But in this case, she came up with the poem first. It took me three weeks until I got the shot that I felt would fit to the poem.

      If you want to see more of her stuff, just click her name in the post. You won’t be disappointed. πŸ˜‰

      1. I think there is some in the forecast, but I conveniently forget when! πŸ™‚ It does look pretty when it first falls though. I like it while it is not all tracked up and dirty.

      1. O.O’ yeah we never had that problem in the UK. Though i do remember tracking across the fields for my final school exams in germany one year as the snow disabled public transport and cars lol. I ended up being the only one in school apart from the teacher LOL

  1. We once had a long-haired cat who didn’t really mind the snow. It was kind of funny to watch her. In Michigan, we get a fair amount of snow. She wasn’t very large, so she had to jump rather than step to get around.

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