In The Crows Nest (Part 2)

The Crows nest 2The storm raged on. It looked like all was lost.

Little Soot: JUST HOLD ON!
Kimchi: You’re a great cat. If I don’t make it,
I want you to have my two prized possessions.
Little Soot: I’m listening.
Kimchi: Well, there’s my Ginger Spice doll. And my special tail volumizing conditioner.
Little Soot: You know, my tail has been a little flat lately. How about I save you from certain death and I get the conditioner?
Kimchi: WHAT?! No. Never. I won’t live in a world where my tail isn’t bushy and lustrous. Just…just let me go.
Little Soot: Maybe we should rename you “Drama Queen”.

By guest author Janey from Cupid or Cats

If you missed it, here is Part 1

16 thoughts on “In The Crows Nest (Part 2)”

  1. These two are obviously kin to the clan of Hemingway’s famous cats. It became quite obvious to me when I read that rum was involved, they met their match with the tidal wave, but I’m a bit hazy on Ginger Spice the doll….oh wait! This has to be one of two things, 1) flavor of their rum 2) the name of their favored drink involving rum.

    That fur conditioner? I think these duds are drunk and simply trying to get the attention of the feline ladies.

    (Janey, thanks for your sweet posts. Anything cat-related makes for a better day.)

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