It’s Sunday, Must be Bath Time

DSC_4593 (2)_marked
“Chub-Chub! Time for your…uh…ba…just come with me. I have a surprise!”
“Oh for God’s sake, take a breath.”

22 thoughts on “It’s Sunday, Must be Bath Time”

  1. Bathing a healthy cat? Why? You could safe yourself the trouble and let her do it the cat way. Aaah, I get it – you wanted some blood to be drawn, like in the olden days …

  2. “Cat bath” — two words that send my heart racing in terror! I’ve had to give many to my boys when they were kittens (because diarrhea and regular poop gets caught in Persian kitten butt hair…) and up till their first professional grooming. Now, they get their baths from professionals, thank you sweet Jesus! 😉

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