Waiting On A “Friend”.

DSC_3006 (2)_marked
“I wonder where he could be? He’s not usually late.”

20 thoughts on “Waiting On A “Friend”.”

      1. Well, I am sorry. You see, I started it in German, so some of my early on followers are Germans. To change my language now to English would be unfair on them.

      2. German. Be glad you do not HEAR my English, it comes with the most OAHFULL JERRMEN EGGSCENT you have ever heard. It’s like a genetical throat disease.

      3. The first King the English nicked from us here in Hanover did not speak English, did he? And wasn’t he called, George, King of Hangover, because he loved to celebrate his inthronisation extensively?

      1. I taught him how to lasso the dog yesterday. Today we’ll be out branding catfish.
        By the way, I renamed him, Billy Joe Bob.
        I was unaware he already knew how to play the ivories. Cat’s got some heavy-duty jazz skills.
        No. You can’t have him back.

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