The Kittens of Whickersham

Whicker kitties_marked
The kittens of Whickersham.

15 thoughts on “The Kittens of Whickersham”

  1. Oh, sweet — now if they would just stay like that! It was Ogden Nash, I’m pretty sure, who wrote: “The trouble with a kitten’s that, eventually it becomes a cat.”

  2. I prefer grown up cats to kittens any day! The little ones – sooo cute – and then they claw at you with little, cute razorsharp needles .. No, give me a grown up cat anyday!

      1. I’ll post a few of the mugs and my cats tomorrow on my weggieboy’s blog. It goes without saying, the box and the packaging were big hits with my kitties. I have opposable thumbs, so I think the mugs are the better deal! 😉

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