The Adventures of Kitty Whiskers

Kitty Whiskers

In our last episode Kitty Whiskers was being held captive by the Evil Dr. Black.
Dr. Black: “Now Kitty Whiskers, you shall die in the Basket of Doom! Mwaa-Ha-Haaa.”
Kitty Whiskers: “Whisker Power ON! Time for a super charged Kitty Punch!”
Dr Black: “Oi! dat hurt.”

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Kitty Whiskers, defender of felines everywhere.

24 thoughts on “The Adventures of Kitty Whiskers”

  1. What a cute “villain” … And I totally refuse to see the black cat as “villain” just because of his fur colour – that is racism … Though Kitty Whiskers has some REALLY impressive whiskers!*swoon*

  2. That tiny kitten looks a lot like my sisters kitty. Just waiting n a flight back and camera full with kitten photos. ;). I think my sister may be slightly jealous that she wasn’t the focus of the attention his time! ;o

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