Sunday Funnies with Chub-Chub


Created by Elayne Griffith
Especially during theses winter months there are many homeless animals that need help. By buying a wristband or any of the gifts in our Charity Boutique, you will help them have a warm and safe winter. Please extend a Paw of Friendship.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies with Chub-Chub”

  1. I got one of my cats from the humane society. He was found wandering the streets of some nearby innocuous neighborhood with GI problems (read diarrhea) and hadn’t been neutered. He’s my bud! I thoroughly support the humane societies … this one happened to be a no kill shelter … but to be honest, I went there seeking a wonderful black cat! πŸ™‚ Apparently black kitties are the LEAST adopted.

      1. My daughter and son (in-law) are animal lovers and rescuers. They rescued my Lab from a bad situation, then adopted their first cat from a rescue source. The Goldendoodle was a Christmas gift to my daughter.

        Jacob always tells me that when he passes he wants to come back as a cat or dog and find himself living life like our ‘kids’ do.

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