Blaze Fire

Blazing Fire
Blaze: “I’m hot! I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m wearing a fur coat.”

34 thoughts on “Blaze Fire”

  1. Easy answer – the little fellows are sprogs of immigrants – they all stem not from felis sylvestris silvestris (the shy wood-inhabitants native to the forests of Europe) but from Felis silvestris lybica, one of the small wild cats of Africa. HEAT is their natural habitat. That is why they love boxes and the space under the bed or in the cupboard so much – genetically they are troglodytae (cave goers or cave dwellers). It is all about where they came from.

      1. If I knew how to link in a comment I would have linked to Wikipedia. There they say clearly the genetic trace leads to felis sylvestris l. not felis sylvestris sylvestris.

      2. Hm, what did you mean to say by this? That I am not able to translate what is written in my german Wikipedia-article? That I am not able to understand aforementioned article? That I am not able to write down in your language what was said in the article in question??
        Should I feel insulted, demand an apology and if none given, send you a friend of mine to make an early-dawn appointment?
        Of course, even if unlikely, you MIGHT really mean it as you wrote it – that you prefer my style to Wikipedia’s. Then sending over a friend of mine over would be an expensive overreaction …
        Besides – I am not capable of giving satisfaction {adj} [in a duel] – can I still demand such an affaire d’honneur? Questions over questions … Maybe I should read less “history” books about the Georgian and Regency period …
        I think, to be on the safe side I will pretend I have not noticed the ambiguity.

      3. My goodness, what a response!
        Simply put, the art of conversation is becoming a thing of the past. Gone are the days of sitting around a table, sharing a meal and engaging in the art wordplay. Topics of discussion have become mute by the instant access of the internet. “The question” has been reduced to “look it up”. The subtle innuendo, double entendre, the intentional mispronunciation all have changed.

        Why you over Wiki you ask? Wiki is cold, lifeless, factual, a machine. You are a person, of opinion, gifted with the ability of interpretation. I hear your voice with a German accent. My imagination has given you form. So when I read your words I smile, preparing for what is to come and so the discussion begins.
        Put away your pocket book, save the expense of the Hashashin, they would be no match for my warrior cats and quietly say “It is true what is said of this man, this Tom, he is in fact…mostly harmless.” 😉

      4. Good sense of humour. Just wasted.
        You know what they say about the British? No sex please .. we are british.
        Well, it is just the same with Germans – only with humour instead of sex.
        And Mostly Harmless – where have I read that again? 😉

      5. Maybe your grandparents were married so often, because they were so terrible at IT .. Just a thought.
        And you know, what they say about veterans – they like to talk about things they cannot (any longer) have. Same with German papers, it seems.
        *scratches her head, sure, that SPIEGEL does not even know how to spell sex-scandal – you might mistake it for the Stern or the Focus*

  2. We had a cat that got so close to a convection heater that she started to smoke. (Those heaters only put out warmth in a straight line; they don’t radiate.) Luckily I was watching her at the time, so nothing came out of it but a great story. She did sit back further after that.

    1. We used to have a mesh screen in front of the fireplace, (now it’s glass) and every now and then an ember would fly out through the screen and land on one of the sleeping cats. It would slowly burn through the fur and get to the skin. The resulting howl was heart stopping, but they never moved back. 🙂

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