Nusery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes
“OH NO! You stepped on a crack! Now Mom will have to go to the chiropractor.”

22 thoughts on “Nusery Rhymes”

      1. Oh, that is the worst age – the teenage-age of cats! The time when you have to enforce some basic rules or your life is going to the … wait for it … cats.

      2. Me too! Not, that ever one of them tried to climb the tree, yet. But since I leave tree and cats alone for daytime, when I work after Christmas – I rather make sure nothing can happen.

      3. I prefer to look carefully at my cats before the opportunity of a ridiculous photo arises – to keep them from doing something dangerous – and cute. But then – I only have two, not 18 .. not so many spares 😛

      4. And not making money, yes, what a waste that would be. Let those little buggers work hard for their money, blood, sweat and tears. After all – a charity does not finance itself.

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