Baking Bread with Tsuki

“Honey, I think the dough has risen enough. Should we put it in the bread maker?”

50 thoughts on “Baking Bread with Tsuki”

  1. Another reason to limit myself to only TWO cats – I have my kitchen to myself. Not my sofa, though … right now I got a treacherous invitation to “rub a belly” … He dares me … Ha, I scored.

      1. For the cat – not for the owner. Or do you mean the rubs – yes, when I manage to rub without being hit, that is indeed satisfying. Managed that this morning (it’s 3 pm over here)

  2. I use the bread maker to work the dough, but finish it manually and bake it in the oven. I’ve eaten (“eaten” = “tried to eat”) bread I made by hand, and it was, um, not too edible! My halfway approach results in an edible product without the strange machine look of a bread maker loaf, with the ripped out hole on one end.

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