8 Shopping Days Left

Dust Bunny
Dust Bunny comes to the horribly realization that there are only eight shopping days left and he has seventeen presents to buy!

66 thoughts on “8 Shopping Days Left”

  1. Dust Bunny, you have that bewildered, shocking look about you this morning. Come for coffee. We’ll get a gameplan going. No need to fret, i’ve plenty of glue, ribbon, and twinkling, shiny things hanging on the tree. We’ll work in tandum. Everyone get’s their very own handcrafted New Year’s Eve noisemaker! A two-in-one gift. Surprise on Christmas morn, reuseable on the Eve of Bubbly! Now for god’s sake, BLINK! You look like me before they shrunk my goiter.

      1. I’m making up a little cat-nap arena for him. Setting a fresh bowl of water and kibble out and sending my zoo to visit my sister. After he is well rested, our craft magic fest is over, I’ll get the car shipped back by transport and buy him a first class ticket home. Fret not over the trinkets. I’ll bubble wrap them safely and ask the skycap if he’ll see if the jumpseat is available for craft transport. Captain and Co-Captain won’t be able to say “No” once they spot that beautiful cat, and are awarded with their very own sparkly present.

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