Wordless Wednesday

Kitty Whiskers
KITTY WHISKERS (Don’t know what she’s doing but she didn’t say a word)

40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. “Let’s see … that’s about a yard, then we’ll need material for the arms, so I’m thinking probably 5, 6 yards of fabric. Okay — needing something with some body that I can sink my claws into … “

      1. Amazing! They all are. My sister was visiting last night, and Patches was in a very lovable mood, and was rubbing against my sister and letting her pet her. My sister was in heaven. I can’t imagine where Patches was, but it sure was in a great place.

      1. “King Tut” is the identical twin! Same milkstash, paws,longer fur.When he was a kitten, the veterinarian called him king tufts cause the fur was so long. I saw Kitty Whiskers & had a Speechless Thursday!!

      1. Because I decided to bring them to our house. I am with my husband in an apartment at the moment. My mom has a very big garden and I think they will be happier there. So much freedom. ๐Ÿ™‚ I visit them though. I am in school and a bit busy with my VISA to Germany. I am still getting the hang of posting here in wordpress when I know more about posting I will definitely put some pictures of them.

      2. LOL I will have that next time for now the Language Nightmare is the one haunting me at night. LOL German classes first. Haha. Thank you. I do hope we can go soon.

        Would be sad leaving my cats here but I will see them through skype. My mother-in-law is allergic.

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