How Shall I Pee

Dust Bunny
Icicles form
upon my nose
and frostbite worms
inside my toes.
The grass is dead
the birds are gone
there’s nothing here
this is so wrong!
I cannot see
how I shall pee
when all this snow
is freezing me.

By Floridaborne


20 thoughts on “How Shall I Pee”

    1. Glad you liked it. šŸ™‚

      If you count the syllables, it’s 4 per line. That’s how it came out as I wrote it.

      I scatter where it rhymes, but through “feel” and not through any understanding of labels. It’s like a cat that leaps from the floor to the top of the chair without knowing the equation that proves she can do it. She might not be able to do the math, but she still manages to make the leap (shortly before kneading the humans head with her claws). šŸ™‚

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