Symone & Catfunkle

The Caterly Brothers
Get this once in a lifetime collection of the greatest hits by Symone & Catfunkle.
You’ll sing along to “Bridge over Dirty Litter”.
You’ll snap your fingers to “Scarborough Cat” and cry to one of Β their biggest sellers, “The Sounds of Yowling”.
Also you get the never before released, studio version of “Mrs. Chub-Chub”.
These 22 amazing hits can be yours for this limited time offer.

31 thoughts on “Symone & Catfunkle”

  1. Does in it include “Catilia you’re making me Fa…”? And does Symone do “Catachrome”? Oh! How about “Kitty Driver”, “A am a Cat”, “Kitty’s Song” and “Mrs. Catinson”? Almost forgot “El Catdor Pasa (If I Cat)” and “The 59th Street Cat Song (Feelin’ Kitty”? I know enough already!

      1. Symone and Catfunkle are more widely known. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with anything else by the Cattily Bothers, so I appreciate it that you ran it by your wife.

  2. Well, I would have gotten the Caterly Brothers. They were my cat Freeda (may she rest in peace) favorites. Every time “Dreeeeam, Dreeeam” came on the radio she would lay down in front of the speaker and wave her tail….she did it any time their songs were on the radio.
    S and C were not quite up to her taste. I even thought of trying to sneak her into a Caterly Brothers concert. And, yes, I know that the song is Dream but I had to make sure everyone knew what I was referring to.
    You are just too creative!

  3. I’ve just ordered this from Amazon. They had it listed so quickly!

    While looking, I noticed they had this classic from Johnny Cats and Wailin’ Jennings. I was sorely tempted.

  4. Just too preciou! Calendar material for sure. Three Tuxedo’s? Hmmm, “All i want for Christmas is those three Tuxedo’s, two black cats and a maid to vacuum for me…”🎢 🎢 🎢

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