Final Day of Our Contest

A special holiday contest just for you!

Elayne Griffith, the brilliant illustrator of Cat-toons, is giving you the opportunity to win a wonderful gift – a personally signed 8″ X 12″ illustration of your favorite Cats at the Bar character.
Here’s how to win: Find Blaze. He’s hiding somewhere in the picture.

If you’re not sure what Blaze looks like, here’s a picture of him. Contest ends tonight at 6:00PM EST when we announce the winner! Just leave your answer here in the comments section.
Blazing Fire

9 thoughts on “Final Day of Our Contest”

  1. My guess is that’s dear little Blaze at the very top of the tree unless you count the picture of Blaze at the header of the picture peeking down on the tree.
    But such a little cutie would make it all the way to the top.

  2. There is a cat above the two laying on the white box with the red ribbon on the right side of the pix. There is a gray kitten with the orange nose in front and slightly under it. Am I right?

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