Cat-toons – Santa meets Chub-Chub

From Elayne Griffith, Floridaborne, myself (Tomcat) and the rest of the gang here at Cats at the Bar, Happy Holidays!

30 thoughts on “Cat-toons – Santa meets Chub-Chub”

  1. “Four dozen, please!” … Happens each evening as i am about to doze. Gilbert Grape comes snuggling at my neck. I have to wad up the bedcovers to protect myself. His bisquit making was gentle after his teeth cleaning. The vet snipped his nails. He’s my fully indoor kitty, but i can’t bring myself to have him declawed.

      1. Exactly! Not to mention, their paws are so beautiful, full and not mangled. We made the mistake years ago. Bandaged paws, constant purring, but not for the right reason. The poor cat was in pain. I remember wrapping the cat in a bath towel and let him fall asleep right against my chest.

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